Everything is more fun if you make it a game! We made some games to lead conversations about what people believe and to talk about in who and what people place their faith. Game night!

Believability Bar

How to play: With the believability bar ask, “What would make you believe ___________?” We’ve got some sample questions to help you get started.

Why it’s important: The game wrestles with the reality that everyone believes something.

Question Cards

How to play: Use the question cards to ask questions!

Why it’s important: The game is designed around asking questions that lead to Biblical conversations. We aren’t always comfortable talking about Bible stuff that doesn’t have easy explainable answers.


How to play: Use the cut out sections of physical and spiritual experiences to place together a board that tells your story of hope for the future. Use the faith chart, physical and spiritual experience sections, and people pieces to put together a board about what some characters in the Bible experienced and would have a future hope for.

Why it’s important: In the Bible God tells Adam if he eats from the tree of good and bad he will die. Jesus tells Nicodemus a man has to be born again. Some people in the Bible did not physically die, and then some people have physically died twice because they were raised from the dead! And don’t all Christians have a hope of being raised from the dead? Being born, living, and dying is a natural process humans can understand physically, but spiritually, we struggle with what we can’t easily see and feel.