Believability Questions

What Would Make You Believe…


That God loves you?
That prayer can cure an illness?
That a person walked on water?
That a person was dead for 3 days and came back to life?
That Jesus is coming back?


That there are multiple gods?
That the intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual?
That we are reincarnated, born in a new form based on our choices and actions in our last life, after we die?
That we can leave our body to go onto higher levels of spiritual being?
That there’s an energy field created by all life that binds the universe together?


That something must be eternal, either the universe or something outside the universe?
That life on Earth began from non-living matter?
That we are actually living on a giant monster’s back?
That there is other life out there in the universe?
That all creation can sing?


That unicorns once roamed the Earth?
That a race of giants once existed?
That there’s an ancient city with people in the middle of the Earth?
That a tree of life that offers immortality exists?
That a dragon is currently ravaging a local store?


That we are in a simulation?
That you’re 10 years older than you thought?
That you are a duck?
That we are in a multiverse of parallel universes?
That the part of you that makes you you is just the activity in your brain?

Conspiracy Theories

That the COVID-19 vaccine contains a microchip?
That the government is hiding recovered extraterrestrial vehicles?
That the moon landing was faked?
That the government is using weather-control through cloud-seeding technologies?
That radiation emanating from cell towers is sickening us?


That a person can become invisible?
That a person can walk through walls?
That a person can move physical objects with their mind?
That a person can shoot lasers out of their eyes?
That a person can teleport?

Science and Math

That humans evolved from apes?
That the moon is made of cheese?
That if you mixed all the colors together you would get blue?
That 2 is not an even number?
That there’s a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape it?

Plants and Animals

That all animals have souls?
That some plants have souls?
That a person could live in the belly of a giant fish for 3 days?
That a dolphin can juggle?
That mushrooms can communicate with each other?


That a person can control the weather with their words?
That it could rain fire and burning sulfur?
That a person prayed for it not to rain for 3 1/2 years and it didn’t?
That a sharknado is going to hit where you live next week?
That a worldwide flood happened covering even the highest mountains?

What do you think?

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